1. There will be only one camper per campsite per household. One tent may be put up per campsite Tent may be left up Friday noon thru Sunday. Holidays tents may be kept up through Monday. Tents may to left up due to weather if approved by board member.

2. Camping is permitted only in designated areas, NEVER IN ANY ROADWAY.

3. Fires will be permitted only in approved containers, ecpection of burning leaves. ( (Stoves, grills, and firerings )

4. There will be only 2 vehicles per campsite. Visitors will park in designated area, outside the entrance of campground or across from white building. There will be no parking in the park area or within the turn around. Vehicles must be in running order and have up to date tags. No vehicles left in campground after camping season. Trailers may be left on your lot year around, no trailers to be parked outside of campground.

5. No dish washing or bathing at any water faucets. NO EXCEPTIONS

6. Noises that disturbs other campers will in no way be permitted after 12 midnight or before 9:00 a.m. Exceptions are Memorial Day, Clubs 4th of July and Labor Day. 2:00 a.m. then becomes the deadline. The first full weekend of every month, quiet hours will begin at 2:00 a.m.

7. Weather permitting camping will begin on April 1st and end on October 31st. There will be no camping permitted November 1st thru March 31st. If you are unable to drive yourself home you may stay in your camper but DO NOT make it a habit.

8. Camping fees are as follows: $605.00 for the camping season to be paid by February 28th or $338 by February 28th and $337 by June 30th . Can not have camping without electric. Water and electric will follow the same policy and be turned off at the boards discretion.

  1. 9. All campers electric must be ran to the designated panel boxes. NO EXCEPTIONS You will have 21 days after camping opens for the season to have electric upgraded to boxes or no camping until it's done. Wire must match breaker and outdoor wire must be used. This is the campers responsibly and cost to do the upgrades.

10. If you are on the payment plan and your camping fees are not paid by February 28th June 30th , we will deem the camper as abandoned and the camper will be towed at the owners expense. The vehicle then will be re-titled and sold or disposed of in such a manner as set by law. Note: no other notice will be given. NO EXCEPTIONS We will file police report so property can be legally removed.

11. If your camper is removed and your lot rent forfeited you will be placed on the bottom of the waiting list for a new site.

12. No persons under the age of 12 will be permitted in the shower house unless

accompanied by an adult. NO pets in shower house.

13. Respect should be shown for club grounds, rules, and members.

14. Pets must be leashed. Owners will be responsible for their pet. Owners will clean up after their pet. Pet owner must register pet with description and rabies shot record.

15. Wood piles are firewood ONLY must be at least one concrete block off the ground. This is state and insurance guidelines and must be observed. Skids may be used to stack wood on top of concrete blocks; they must not be stacked on each other in the camping area.

16. Fairfield Fish and Game will take no responsibilities for personal injury or any loss (by fire, natural disaster, etc.) done to any camper, vehicle, or personal property that is done on Fish and Game property.

17. Camper size is determined by lot size. NO MOBILE HOMES.

18. No bicycles will be ridden from dusk until dawn on Fairfield Fish and Game property. STRICKLY ENFORED

19. No tents will be used as a permanent camper in the camping area.

20. There will be 4 camping spots made available to members in good standings. If weekend camping you may setup on Thursday but can not camp until Friday. These will be on a first come first serve basis, sign up sheet in shack. There is a $35.00 charge for the weekend and additional $10.00 charge if electric is needed.

21. Campers meeting in campground shelter house will be June 4th August 6th October 1st at 2:00 p.m.

22. Speed limit for all vehicles will be as follows; 10 miles per hour from gate to white building unless there is an event ; 5 miles per hour on the rest of grounds; 5 miles per hour in campground and playground area. Strictly enforced 2nd notification and member will be brought before the Board.

23. Generators will not be permitted in the camping grounds unless they are approved by the board of directors. STRICKLY ENFORCED

24. There will be no fences put up around any camper; this includes the use of tarps to cover more than a wood pile. Tarps for storage of campers in off season will be permitted.

25. There will be no extension cords being used to run electric to camper.

26. All campers and campsites must have tarps removed from campers and area cleaned up by April 25th unless approved by camping director.

27. The Board of Directors has the right to remove your camper if it is deemed unsafe, a health hazard or has trash or debris that is not keep clean or any other violations.

28. Only one 2 wheeled or more axle unit is permitted on camp site other than 2 cars

and golf carts. Open pull trailers parked and used for Trash/Junk present a health hazard. (Bug Breeding Ground) Trailers are also an eyesore. Open pull trailers must be moved and cleaned out monthly.

29. Burning of rubber, plastic or vinyl to recover the metal inside is not permitted.

30. The rules for buying and selling of campers and camp sites are posted in the bulletin box at the head of campgrounds and also posted at the club house. Please see these for complete guideline of the rules. You must go thru camping list first.

31. You must stay in your camper two nights a month. There will be a sign in sheet in the shadow box at the entrance to the campground. You MUST sign in and out when spending the night. You must stay in camper 2 times a month. If you do not stay 2 times a month you will be called before the board. Individual circumstances will be taken into consideration by the broad.

32. Must have a camper on your campsite within 30 days after getting site. Unless approved by board.

  1. 33. Upgrade of decks, porches etc.. must be submitted with dawning for the board of directors approval. This takes three signatures, campground director and two directors. Decks must be maintained and can be inspected by campground director at anytime.

34. If lot is not maintained you will receive one notice and Fairfield Fish and Game will than clean lot and you will be charged $200. Fees must be paid BEFORE you can become a 2023 member.

35. Campers must be cleaned and washed each year by May 7th due to Department of Health inspection.

36. Must have a white food grade approved hose's to fill water supply in camper. Full your camper and return hose no permanent or temporary hook up.

37. No clothes lines due to Department of Health.

38. Storage of golf carts in white barn under donation to general fund.

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Revised 2022

Fairfield Fish and Game Assoc.